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Fast Fourier Transform block





That block computes a direct or backward Fast Fourier Transform. Regular inputs/outputs are the real and imaginary part of a complex number. They are vectorial.

The parameter Mode details which algorithms are used to compute the FFT.

If Mode=0 the interfacing function will automatically choose between the fft842 and dfftmx algorithms. The first are more powerful for computational time but only work for size of vectors with 2 power and for size less than 2^15. The second algorithm (dfftmx) can work for any size of vector but is more slow. If the size of the input vector is a 2 power and less than 2^15 fft842 will be used else this is dfftmx.

Mode=1 is to always use dfftmx.

If the 'Modnum' toolbox have been build with the FFTW library the block will automatically use that library in any case.

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A. Layec


Signal Processing with Scilab. Available : signal.pdf

FFTW. Available : FFTW web site