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Overlap block





This block is a nu to ny vector converter block with nu>ny.
For each activation, this block records the part [ny;ny+N] of the input vector in the discrete state, whith N an integer parameter.

z(n) &=& u(n) & {\rm for} & {\rm ny} \leq n < {\rm ny}+N.

The ouput vector y of size ny, is the input vector u[0..ny-1] added with the preceding word z[0..N-1] stored in the discrete state such as :

x(n)+z_{-1}(n) & {\rm for} &...
...< N\\
x(n) & {\rm for} & N \leq n < {\rm ny}

Figure 1: Equivalent diagram of the Overlap_f block

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A. Layec