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Tri-state Phase/Frequency Comparator block





This block realizes the phase/frequency comparison between of its two event inputs.

Figure 1: D flip-flop tri-State Phase/Frequency Comparator

At each event the state of the regular outputs can change according to the last state.
When the input events are synchronized, the high state is realized after one delay.
That block realizes the following algorithm that is a derived model from the model find in [1].
More descriptions of this Phase/Frequency comparator can be found in the reference [2].

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[1] A. Demir, ``Analysis and simulation of noise in nonlinear electronic circuits and system,'' Ph.D. dissertation, University of California, Berkeley, 1997.

[2] M. Curtin and P. Brien, ``Phase-locked loops for high-frequency receivers and transmitters,'' Analog Dialogue, vol. 33, 1999. [Online]. Available: