Scicos Block
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I/Q modulator block





This block realizes a complex local oscillator. This block computes :

y_{1}(t) = u_{1}(t)\cos\left(\omega_{o}t\right)-u_{2}(t)\sin\left(\omega_{o}t\right)

y_{2}(t) = u_{1}(t)\sin\left(\omega_{o}t\right)+u_{2}(t)\cos\left(\omega_{o}t\right)

where u1,u2 are the two regular inputs and y1,y2 the regular outputs. w0 is set with the dialogue parameter 'Vector of carrier frequency'. Typically, it is used to transpose base band symbol components at a given carrier frequency as shown in the following figure :

The activation dates of this block gives the sampling step of the outputs.

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