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Master-slave synchronization of Chua's circuit





The purpose of this diagram is to do the simulation of a master-slave synchronization of a chaotic system with the subsystems of Chua's circuit.

The Chua's circuit, shown in Fig.1 can be break up in two subsystems G and H.

Figure 1: Decomposition of Chua's circuit

By doing this, the Chua's circuit should be then represented by a closed loop system.

Synchronization of the chaotic trajectory of the Chua's system is achievable by building a slave system in open loop with the two subsytems G and H, as shown in Fig.2.

Figure 2: System of Chua's circuit


//**coef of chua's function**//
m0 = -8/7
m1 = -5/7

//**init. conditions of state variables**//
ci_master = [1.6;0;-1.6]
ci_slave  = [0;0;0]

//**sampling period**//
Tsampl = 1e-2

//**final time simulation**//
Tfin = 30

Scope Results

Figure : Time domain waveforms of state variables : (red line) master system; (blue line) slave system

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