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June 28 2013

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Modnum 4.3b   2013-06   Nsp   src   win-32bits   lnx-32bits   Change
    ScicosLab 4.4.1       win-32bits   lnx-32bits    
Modnum 4.2.2   2011-09   ScicosLab 4.4.1   src   win-32bits   lnx-32bits   Change
  2009-12   ScicosLab 4.4b7       win-32bits   lnx-32bits   Change
Modnum 4.2.1   2009-07   ScicosLab 4.3   src   win-32bits   lnx-32bits   Change
Modnum 4.2   2008-12   ScicosLab 4.3   src   win-32bits   lnx-32bits   Change
Modnum 4.1.2   2007-12   Scilab 4.1.2   src   win-32bits       Change
Modnum 4.1   2007-05   Scilab 4.1   src   win-32bits       Change
Modnum 3   2006-02   Scilab 3   src           Origin

src : source versions. win-32bits : windows binaries. lnx-32bits : linux binaries.

What is ?


June 6 2013 : Modnum_43 Beta

Modnum_43 Beta is available for ScicosLab and Nsp.

It includes various fixs from the latest release and comes with the complete set of "Modnum's" Scicos blocks and diagrams for the latest Nsp that you can download here.

September 8 2011 : Modnum_422 Update

Modnum_422 is available in binary packages for ScicosLab 4.4.1. It includes minor fixs from the latest release.

December 20 2009 : Modnum_422

Modnum_422 is available. It includes minor fixs from the latest release and works with ScicosLab$ \,$4.4 :

July 10 2009 : Modnum_421

Modnum_421 is available. It includes :

December 15 2008 : Modnum_42 Release

Modnum_42 is available. This release includes :

July 01 2008 : Modnum_42 Release Candidate

A new version of "Modnum" is available. RC42

It fixs and replaces the previous version and works for the Scicos versions >= 4.2.1.

The toolbox have been rearranged to give the autonomy of the low-level computational routines library from the scilab environment.

"Modnum_42" will become an official version when it will be fully tested under GNU Linux and Windows.

Decembre 06 2007 : Modnum_412 update

"modnum_412" fixs and replaces "modnum_41". So that version becomes the supported version for bugs fix and for the windows/linux installation. This version have been realized for the new version of scicos : scicos 4.2.

That version includes :

For more informations concerning development and maintenance of "modnum", you can display now the file Version.txt that you can find at the root directory of the toolbox.

May 26 2007 : Modnum_41 update

Since "modnum_3", Modnum has been rewieved and the archive has been renamed to "modnum_41".
(the version number of the archive follows the version number of Scicos).

Deep modifications has occurred in the building process of the toolbox and in the routines of scopes to allow its future "life" in next versions of Scilab/Scicos (versions >=5).

This update have been done close to the current development of scilab/scicos @ INRIA in the METALAU project.

The main news of this updated version are :


Figure 1: Toolbox internal organization

This toolbox contains several elements :


The instructions of installation are given in the README file in the root directory of the toolbox.

With the improvement of the building process, support for the installation of source versions for linux and windows platforms is now provided.


Source versions and binary versions of the toolbox include a ScicosLab html documentation.

Two languages are supported : english and french.

You can view the interfaces documentation with this following links :


Scicos Palettes

Nonlinear palette

Image capt_pal_nonlinear_scale

Communication palette

Image capt_pal_com_scale

PLL palette

Image capt_pal_pll_scale

Scicos diagrams

Fractionnal/Integer Synthesizers

Image capt_synthe_scale

QAM/PSK transmission chains

Image capt_psk_scale

Chaotic sub-systems

Image capt_bif_scale

HTML Documentation

Image capt_doc_html_en_scale


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