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Discrete Voltage Controlled Oscillator block





Figure 1: Output waveform of a Voltage Controlled Oscillator

This block would like to realize a time domain waveform of a Voltage Controlled Oscillator described by this expression:

y_{\rm {s}}\left(t\right)=\cos\left(\omega_{0}t+\varphi\left(t\right)\right)

where phi(t) is the state variable of the oscillator (instaneous phase) computed with the formula:

\frac{d\varphi\left(t\right)}{dt}=k_{\rm {v}}\;F\left(u_{3}\left(t\right)\right) + \tilde{n}\left(t\right)

where :

This block is a Discrete Basic Block(DBB) and the integration of the instaneous phase is computed by a trapezoidal rule. The period of event input port that must be informed by the 'Step' dialog parameter, is the discrete integration time step.

Figure 2: Discrete time output waveform of a Voltage Controlled Oscillator

This block includes two discrete frequency dividers, with one dynamically computed.
The event output port(s) is(are) the zero crossing date of the output waveform produced by the frequency dividers.
Full possibilities of this block are described in the following 'Super Block equivalent Model' section.
(cf "Dialog Box" and "See Also" sections for further details)

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