Scicos Test Center

Scicos Test Diagrams and Simulation Results

To assure the compatibility with older versions, Scicos team has developed an automatic process that tests the results of the simulations on a set of small to medium size Scicos diagrams. The diagrams are tested regularly and are used to validate new Scicos releases. The results of the tests are presented in HTML and XML files.
Users interested in testing their diagrams regularly to make sure they continue to function on new versions of Scicos can submit their models for consideration to be included in the test pool. Such test diagrams should be sent to the Scicos team at

Note that the test diagrams are not made publically available however the images and the simulation results are (see the Scicos Test Results section below) so do not submit confidential models. Also make sure the diagram is complete (include any scilab or C functions required to run the diagram) and avoid long simulation times since they take time and do not necessarily improve the performance of the test.

New : Standalone test results

Scicos diagram

The following diagrams are currently used in the Scicos test operation:

Scicos test result

Scicos Test Results